Abandon Theory


Abandon Theory has been explained as "the Violent Femmes meets Jack Johnson at a rave." -  anonymous fan.   “They have a groovy, acoustic roots style that is both lively and dynamic.” -  J. DLT. Sacramento News and Review. 


The band creates a world of harmonious contradictions.  Their music can be relaxed and acoustic, or exciting and danceable, fun and light hearted, or thought provoking and contemplative.  They are as much at ease playing folk, funk, a reggae groove, or even a club beat.


The boys of Abandon Theory love to perform together and have played every type of venue across the country from coffee shop to honky-tonk, and back yard party to amphitheater. After playing a show at a notoriously rough hard rock/metal club, the promoter, Jay Pate, was quoted in the newspaper the next day “Anyone that brings an acoustic guitar on stage at the Town Pump might expect to be attacked with a pool stick, instead Abandon Theory commanded the audience’s attention with intelligent lyrics, jumpy hooks, and enough dynamics to make Tool bust a nut!”



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