Live at the Drive-In

by Abandon Theory

Released 2016
Not Quite Right
Released 2016
Not Quite Right
Live show: Acoustic Rock/Folk/Reggae. Called "Hobo-Ska" by some, it's hard to label Abandon Theory
This album was recorded live at the Drive-In, Sacramento, California. The band performed until the sunset and the movies began. This is a great representation of what the band really sounds like. Although 4 albums have already been recorded, this latest endeavor has truly captured the energy and entertainment this groups brings to a show. More information about the band is available at:

No Such Thing

Acoustic Rock mixed with Reggae, Folk, and a little funk...
After meeting three other like-minded musicians we founded Abandon Theory. The band then sat down to record our first album. I (Jesse Burns) played acoustic guitar & vocals, John Bellizia was on Banjo & Bass, Randy Aldred on Drums, and Dale Stromberg played electric guitar. “No Such Thing” was not only one of the title tracks, but was also an appropriate name for the album because as soon as it was completed, the band parted ways.

As PerFection

Three Piece version of Abandon Theory. Acoustic Rock fused with folk and reggae...
With the loss of Dale, we decided to continue on and perform as a three-piece with bassist John, drummer Randy, and me (Jesse Burns) trying to sing and play the acousitc. After completing a national tour in a friend's borrowed motor home, we went back into the studio to record “As Perfection”.

It Is

Abandon Theory as a Jam Band. All kinds of fun instruments and solos with a variety of musical styles including rock, reggae, funk, folk...
Eventually deciding on a 5 piece band, Abandon Theory went into the studio to record a third album. Delivering more variety than the first two CDs combined; this recording features me on vocals & rhythm guitar, Rudy Paiva on drums, Jim Holden on bass, Eric Sutton on the electric, and John Bellizia returned from Texas to add banjo & percussion.

Unobtainable (Acoustic)

Acoustic arrangement with mostly a guitar and one or two back up instruments...
The entire 13 song album was recorded over a two year period with Jesse Burns playing acoustic guitar/vocals and John on Banjo, acoustic guitar, and all kinds of other weird instruments.

Upcoming Dates

  • 12/20/2019
    Henfling's Tavern - Ben Lomond, CA
  • 01/24/2020
    Father Paddy's Pub - Woodland, CA
  • 02/21/2020
    The Fox and Goose - Sacramento, CA
  • 02/22/2020
    Knee Deep Brewing - Auburn, CA
  • 05/01/2020
    Henfling's Tavern - Ben Lomond, CA

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