Listening to Abandon Theory is like finally having an all access pass to the amusement park while everybody else is stuck in line for the Merry-go-round! Between lyrics that will quickly draw you into the Abandon Theory world and the frenzy inspiring music of THE JOURNEY or GOTTA WOMAN they have created a truly unique sound.  It is a creation that has been termed by some as "Banjo-Rock" but everyone seems to have a different take on Abandon Theory.  With the arrangements and musical style ever-evolving, they have developed a devoted following by forcing listeners to question common perceptions within the confines of an all out dance party!

They have tones of Primus, Cake, and Violent Femmes, and feels like what it might be if a banjo picker vacationed in Jamaica.  You really need to hear it for yourself!

Abandon Theory literally stopped me in my tracks with their charisma and originality.

Infectious songs created by taking unforgettable lyrics and an honest gritty voice, and placing them over addictive rhythmic grooves. Top it off with some unexpected instrumentation and tasty solos that will keep you wanting more!!

Why is it assumed we only listen to ONE type of music? Why does every radio station play the same music over and over? When I go to see a band I get bored after a couple songs because everything starts to sound the same! Then I heard Abandon Theory. Not only an amazing northern California band, but also a new concept in music creation!

Abandon Theory is impossible to label. Each song is played in a different musical style and is also performed in ever-evolving arrangements. Special guests have been known to make unannounced visits to the stage but the guys in Abandon Theory can easily hold their own. Rock, Reggae, Funk, Folk, they mix up an evening like a jukebox on LSD!

Don't miss the original tunes dished out in a fushion of folk acoustic rock and reggae. Abandon Theory creates a world of often times humorous lyrics complimented by an exciting groove and funky rhythm. You don't want be the last one to hear about this band!

I admire the energy and fun Abandon Theory brings to the table!

It’s not often that I book an act and enjoy the entire night of music!  Usually after just a few songs everything starts to sound the same, but that is not the case with Abandon Theory.  Because they have such a variety of music, I was able to relax and listen to both sets with interest!  I was not surprised that they were able to get patrons dancing about when others failed miserably to elicit any reaction whatsoever from listeners.

It's like drugs with no nasty side affects!

They remind me of a tumble-weed on fire! You would never expect that much sound to come from some acoustic instruments and a few effect pedals.