Show Updates

The EP Release party on April 18th at the Coloma Club will only occur if the Self-Isolation Order is lifted.  Please check back the week of the show to see if it's still a go.

The Two Day Town Festival on April 24th-26th has been cancelled.   All tickets will be refunded through the festival website.

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4-Song EP

Announcing the release of Abandon Theory's 4-song EP on 4/20!  Streaming on iTunes, Spotify, BandCamp, Amazon MP3, etc., you can also order a physical CD here.

Some recent feedback: As a fan, I think that "And I Will" is a great introduction to Abandon Theory (band and concept) for new audiences. It's a great energetic melody, and unforgettable crowd experience during a live performance, and for audiophiles, put on your headphones and just TRY to deconstruct this song. It's interwoven with a lot of different styles and influences that no one else would put together in a million years, and yet it's so easily, eagerly digestible to the ears. We all know there is a thin line between genius and insanity, and yet through his music, Jesse Burns seems to ask "What Line?" On the surface, this is a very fun song to rock out to. But the more carefully you listen to it, the more mind-boggling it gets. It's not the typical composition structure of modern pop music. Then again, that's whey they're called Abandon Theory.” - Chanzilla