Band Bio

Band Bio

Listening to Abandon Theory is like finally having an all access pass to the amusement park while everyone else must ride the Merry-Go-Round! Between lyrics that will quickly draw you into the Abandon Theory world and the frenzy inspiring dance music of “The Journey” or “Gotta Woman” the band has developed a truly original sound by fusing rock with reggae, folk, and funk music to create a unique Northern California sound.   Read Some Music Reviews 


Jesse Burns: Vocals & Rhythm Guitar
Jesse is originally from the Bay Area and moved into the Sierra Foothills to attend college.  He has been playing music since the 2nd grade in various groups with performances throughout the US, Canada, & Mexico.

Rudy Paiva: Drums
Rudy has been playing percussion and drums since childhood with a unique ability to compliment any musical piece with a completely original beat.  His grooves are what hypnotize audiences into moving to the music.


Nathan Arthur: Lead Guitar
Nathan has been playing multiple instruments in several Northern California bands and has recently joined the ranks of Abandon Theory contributing tasty melodies and wild solos.


Zo Lewis: Bass Guitar
Zo has performed in several notable Southern California bands and the bass lines he brings to a performance will have the entire venue shaking with energy.  His melodic phrasing provides a solid and fluid foundation for the rest of the band.

Abandon Theory is actually a collection of numerous musicians who, throughout the years, have contributed toward the energy and vibe of our live shows and recordings.


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